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Going Full Frame

I finally took the big step and moved up to a full-frame camera, the Sony A99 ii. I agonized over whether to go mirrorless, or stick with a DSLR-style camera. I have a Sony a6000, which is a fun little camera, but my hands are built for a larger body, and if I went FF mirrorless, I would have to buy all new lenses. Changing to another brand was tempting, but once again, it would involve all new lenses. With an A77 and A77 ii already in my kit, I was invested in A-mount lenses that were FF compatible, so the A99 seemed like the best choice. It's 42 megapixels, with good AF, decent low light performance, and 12 frames per second.

Which brings me to a minor pet peeve; I'm not a big brand fanboy but I got invested in Sonys from the start, liked them, and have stuck with them. There are lots of cool cameras out there, and I don't get into the "mine is better than yours" arguments. However, I'd like to give some love to the A99 ii. Sony has decided to push their mirrorless a7/a9 cameras, leaving the A99 in the shadows. And now, Nikon has come out with the D850 that all the reviews are praising as the BEST CAMERA EVER. Wait, what? Don't they remember the A99? There are definitely some differences between the D850 (touch screen, modest improvement in dynamic range, faster memory cards) and the A99, but they are pretty darn close in capabilities, and the Sony beats the Nikon in some other specs (smaller/lighter, 12fps, 5 axis stabilization). The Nikon has gotten great reviews, but don't forget about the Sony (despite rumors of the demise of the A-mount).

So far, I love the A99 ii and don't regret the buy. I'm just trying to get used to the difference in DOF compared to my A77s.


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